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Martin Allmer

I have been programming for many years. Programming is my hobby since primary school.

I've already created programs and projects I'm proud of. Some of them run on websites I created.

I have made his website to present my programming/coding skills.

Website Painting

I also like creating websites, so the link is a presentation of my sites.

What languages can I "speak"?

First I tried Basic. It was already in primary school. Then I tried Pascal, it was in high school. I don't use these languages anymore :)
Live Languages::

  1. C - I became acquainted with it as a teenager, and I use it to this day.
  2. C++ - I have been programming in it since 2015. It has made me like Object Programming.
  3. PHP - I have been programming in it since 2010. I like to use database administration using SQL. Frameworks speed up the routine.
  4. JavaScript - I've been doing this since 2012. I enjoy live interaction with the user.

My lastest works

  1. Wholesale of Tools Web application: Eshop for registered customers of wholesale
  2. Interactive Map Web application for guests of the pension

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